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Memory Garden

End of life can be a daunting topic to talk about. Losing a close family member or friend can be tough.

One of our residents asked if we could have somewhere where she could remember her sister who had passed away and had impacted greatly on her life. With this mind, The Oaklands set to creating a memory garden, where everyone could go to reminisce about their loved ones, or just to be alone and reflect.

The resident who had this initial idea became ill, her health deteriorated, she was hospitalised and her time with us was limited. We as an organisation were in a state of shock, as we wanted to walk our beloved client around the garden, to show it off, so she could experience what was to be her garden; the garden that she inspired us to achieve.

With staff providing 24 hour care whilst she was in hospital, we were expecting the worse. On the Thursday morning, she was stable enough and her face lit up when she was asked, 'would you like to go home?'. That night she came home and the following day, she sat in her wheel chair and we walked her around our new garden. The sense of love with her being home and her family being around was breathtaking and overwhelming. She finally got to see the garden she helped envisage!

Over the week her health deteriorated further and the following Friday she sadly passed away. The garden was not only comforting to her, but to her family, other residents and the staff team.

The sanctioning of The Oaklands’ Memory Garden:

On 29th April 2019 the Rev Angela Fletcher blessed our memory garden. This was well attended by approximately 150 people. The day itself was spectacular letting the community know what we have and what we have achieved for those wanting to remember their loved ones in a special and peaceful place.

The garden would not have been possible without the funds raised by so many individuals. So, to everyone who has donated money or helped in the garden, THANK YOU!

To create something so special requires vision and a good leader. Without the vision of Steve Lunn (Chairman of The Oaklands & Head Gardner) we would not have been able to create something so beautiful and tranquil. With his hard work, dedication and direction, our residents, staff and the community would not be able to enjoy the surroundings of our memory garden. THANK YOU Steve!

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